Designer and writer based in Toronto. Working at Castor Design.

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Castor Design

2014 – present

Select projects:

> Particle Accelerator – Installation developing an 1897 Cambridge model.

> AZ Awards 2016 – Electromagnetic light performance cued by a pianist.

> CU Exhibition – TODO 2016 show focused on electroforming copper.

> Datsun Restaurant – "Invisible Chandelier" for Datsun restaurant.

> Candy Table – Table and bench dining set made from 3" thick candy.


University of Toronto

Honours BA – 2013
Ethics, Society, and Law; English Literature; Philosophy


Graphic design and art direction; video and promotional projects with Wyatt Clough and Roger Galvez; writing, graphic design, and video at The Varsity and The Strand while at the University of Toronto.

Select projects forthcoming. Hang tight.