Nathan Watson is a designer and writer from Toronto, Canada. He is currently working at the industrial design studio Castor Design. He collaborates with agencies, artists, designers, institutions, and publishers on a range of projects.

Previously, Nathan worked on video and promotional projects with Wyatt Clough and Roger Galvez. Before that, in writing, graphic design, and video at the student publications The Varsity and The Strand while at the University of Toronto.

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Instagram – @nathan_watson
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University of Toronto

Honours BA – 2013
Ethics, Society, and Law; English Literature; Philosophy


Castor Design

2014 – present

Select projects:

Particle Accelerator – Installation developing an 1897 Cambridge model.

AZ Awards 2016 – Electromagnetic light performance cued by a pianist.

CU Exhibition – TODO 2016 show focused on electroforming copper.

Datsun Restaurant – "Invisible Chandelier" for Datsun restaurant.

Candy Table – Table and bench dining set made from 3" thick candy.

Last update: January 2017 👌🏼