Candy Table 2

Candy Table

Responding to the theme of the “Dinner by Design” event, an edible table is what lies at the intersection of dinner and design. The table was formed in three separate 60L pours of sugar, water, syrup, and food colouring on an 8’ by 3’ steel frame.

The hard candy is meant to be used as furniture, finished with a lacquer spray after hardening. Before spraying, though, the table is otherwise edible. As if to amplify its molten appearance from marbled colouring, you can see the rear bench losing its form over the duration of the exhibition.

This project was made with Brian Richer.
Photography & Video by Peter Andrew Lusztyk
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Candy Table 3 Recipe:
For those interested in making their own Candy Table at home, the recipe is as follows:
  • 120 kg sugar
  • 60 kg water
  • 30 kg syrup
    Bench (x1)
  • 40 kg sugar
  • 20 kg water
  • 10 kg syrup
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