Cu Exhibition

In a trend that continues to gain momentum, copper has become an overused material in design over the past few years. CU takes a different approach. Through a process called electroforming, Castor dissolves old copper pipes in a charged bath in order to grow metal onto other organic materials.

The series includes a series of pendant lights, a set of sconce and extended wall lights, a multi-purpose vase/bong, a blown glass light, and a marble carving coated in copper.

The work is based in science as much as in design, using Faraday’s Law to create something entirely new. The process of electroplating gives each piece a unique texture and a painterly quality; crystallization is controlled through change in electrical current.

At the exhibition launch, intergalactic robot band Matrox performed in copper suits. Toronto chef Matty Matheson also made an edible copper meal. Two products from the exhibition have been developed into products: the Voong and the Pierced Light.

This project was made alongside Brian Richer and Tomas Rojcik.
Photography & Video by Peter Andrew Lusztyk